Press Statement:MDC Mutambara applauds SACP condemnation of Zanu PF.(16 May 2007).

The Mutambara led MDC which has just attended the 12th Congress of the SACP would like to formally register its gratitude to the SACP for being the 1st African par

ty to unreservedly condemn the Zanu PF sponsored anti-poor policies and state sponsored violence. We note and welcome the SACP redefinition of the Zimbabwe crisis as:

  1. betrayal of the liberation struggle ideal

  2. betrayal of the working class people

  3. betrayal of the poor

We fully support the SACP resolution on the SADC mediation process and are encouraged that the SACP believe that this process should fundamentally deal with the need for a new constitution and creation of an electoral environment that will ensure free and fair elections in 2008.

Priscilla Misihairabwi

MDC Deputy Secretary General

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