Residents forced to attend burial of heroes (07-07-07

OVERZEALOUS Zanu (PF) youths have maintained their tradition of terrorizing and violating the rights of ordinary residents and vendors at Mbare Musika and Mupedzanhamo markets by forcing them to close shop and attend burials of national heroes. Those who refuse are accused of being MDC

activists, a crime under the ruling regime.

Vendors have attended the burials for fear of losing market space at the lucrative Mbare Musika and Mupedzanhamo markets. They complained that they have lost millions of dollars due to the long hours that they spend at the National Heroes Acre listening to the President’s long and boring rhetoric.

In the last few weeks, vendors and ordinary residents were force-marched to attend the burial of military commanders, Retired Major General Gideon Taurayi Lifa and Brigadier-General Paul Gunda at the National Heroes Acre.

President Mugabe uses that opportunity to propagate The party’s propaganda

CHRA demands that residents should be allowed to live without fear of being victimized for their political beliefs. It should be their choice whether to attend burials of national heroes or not. All residents have the right to make independent choices and it becomes a problem when those rights are violated. – CHRA

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