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The A to Z of programming this week July 3rd – 5th

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;John and Mandisa present the weekday chat show Callback featuring the thoughts and voices of Zimbabweans at home and abroad. Mutsa is about to complete his degree at the University of Zimbabwe, but he is suddenly faced with having to come up with a ‘top-up’ fee of a million dollars to cover the cost of the extended semester. This is the direct result of the lecturers being on strike for 7 weeks. He speaks to Mandisa. Then John speaks to Beki about the implications of the governments recently launched crackdown against price hikes. Beki notes that this move has effectively led to shelves being emptied by the retailers who just cannot afford to trade at a loss.

Violet Gonda’s guests on Hot Seat are Mike Davies the chairperson of the Combined Harare Residents Association, former MDC MP & social commentator Munyaradzi Gwisai, and Glen Mpani, a student studying ‘Protest Potential in Zimbabwe’ at Cape Town University. Why has the willingness to protest diminished even as the government has become more repressive? Is there a lack of ideas among the pro-democracy movement? What are the tactics that need to be applied in Zimbabwe to turn the crisis around, and is it opposition political parties who can do this? On Different Points of View Duane Udd challenges the reliability of the government accusations against alleged saboteurs and coup planners. Add to this a new poem called State Prosecution Recipe and you have this week’s programme.

On Wednesday’s Callback Mandisa speaks to Netsayi about the high cost of being self employed in an environment where clients can’t pay cash because of withdrawal restrictions, but if they pay by cheque by the time the funds clear the cheque has already dropped in value. And in this weeks Letter from Zimbabwe by author Cathy Buckle, she writes about the “feelings of near hysteria, just coping with everyday situations, almost all the time now.” Join Lance for another Behind the Headlines where he looks at the relationship between the National Constitutional Assembly and the Movement for Democratic Change? Dr Lovemore Madhuku of the NCA talks about the need for a new constitution and how his organisation works with the MDC.

As usual we also have more Callback with John and Mandisa; Guguletu Moyo In the Balance; Duane Udd is back with his Different Points of View, and join Lance for Reporter’s Forum. Remember we always deliver the latest news every weekday on Newsreel.

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