Thousands attend Sikhala rally

Thousands of ululating and singing MDC (Mutambara) supporters thronged Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St Mary's Constituency to hear their MP, Job Sikhala speak at the weekend. The rally was also addressed by the MDC Secretary for Information and Publicity, Gabriel Chaibva and Chitungwiz

a Provincial Chairperson and MP for Zengeza, Goodrich Chimbaira.
Sikhala spoke of the need for concerted efforts by all democratic and opposition forces in the country to unite and dislodge the regime of Robert Mugabe at the polls in 2008. He further reiterated that anyone who was against a united front of all democratic forces to fight and defeat the Mugbe regime was either on the Zanu (PF) pay roll or was a surrogate of the system and should be rejected by the people of Zimbabwe.
Such leaders wanted to perpetuate the suffering of the people were suspect in their commitment to a free and prosperous Zimbabwe, he said.
Chimbaira told the gathering that the government Commission running the affairs of Chitungwiza Council was so inefficient and corrupt that its members were busy amassing wealth while the city endured un-repaired broken sewer-pipes, piling up of uncollected garbage and a demoralized workforce who were being paid a pittance.
He produced a pay-slip for a senior council worker who is earning a paltry net salary of Z$200 000 per month inclusive of all allowances. This cannot even buy 10 loaves of bread at the government-controlled price of $22,000 per loaf.
Chaibva called on the residents of Chitungwiza to go and register as voters so that they can be able to vote in the election. He called on the people to ensure that brothers, sisters, mothers-in-laws, friends and close associates have registered to vote next year.
He said that it was very possible to remove Mugabe through elections if all Zimbabweans who are of the voting age registered and voted at the polls in 2008. He reiterated that the MDC was committed to peaceful democratic change through a free and fair electoral process, dismissing as wishful and misguided thinking, that there could be some other way of bringing change in Zimbabwe.
Chaibva went on to explain that the MDC had adopted the one candidate philosophy and principle as a way of ensuring that every single vote would count against Zanu (PF) and Mugabe in the elections.
He said it was folly for others to have boycotted the Senatorial Elections as it has become evident that the MDC could have now been able to block the ruling party’s unilateral Constitutional Amendment No 18. – Staff reporter

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