Three student leaders suspended (30-07-07)


Three student leaders from the National University of Science and Technology, namely,Vivid Gwede, the students union Secretary General, and Coucil Members, Kurai Hoyi and Samson Nxumalo were today the 30th of July 2007 suspended for one year. The

three who sat at a disciplinary hearing on the 23rd of May 2007 were found guilty on charges of inciting students and leading a demonstration at the university campus.

Meanwhile, five other student leaders, namely, Clever Bere students union President, his Vice Mehluli Dube, and council members Themba Mapenduka, Vanencio Jachi and Samson Nxumalo who were to appear today Monday 30 July 2007 before a students displinary committe on different charges were without any prior notification told by the committe that the hearing had been postponed to Friday 7 August 2007. These students have been heavily inconvenienced after having travelled all the way from various cities and towns since they are currently on vacation.

Students feel that the charges are baseless and are just meant to victimise students who are purported to be working against the government and college authorities. However the suspended vowed to remain resolute and commited to continue fighting for this just and legitimate cause.
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