Villagers in Harare (07-07-07)

CITY suburbs have been turned into villages due to continued power and water cuts that have been imposed by the two State-controlled parastatals, ZESA and ZINWA.
Areas like Mandara have gone for more than six months without water. Most of the residents there now rely on their boreholes.

But ZINWA continues to send water bills and yet they do not get the water at all.
ZESA has also made life difficult for residents by turning the City of Harare into an African Village by imposing the prolonged power cuts. Residents have now resorted to using firewood which is mostly unaffordable.
Mabvuku residents have dug wells in the swampy areas on the outskirts of Tafara while those in Waterfalls and Glen View Ward 1 drink contaminated waters of Mukuvisi River.
Ironically, the two parastatals still send monthly bills to residents asking them to pay for apparently non-existent services, a clear case of daylight robbery.
ZINWA is ignoring burst sewer and water pipes that are scattered all over Harare suburbs, and, on the other hand, ZESA always excuses itself from replacing stolen cables and transformers. – CHRA

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