Zanu lies to the world about sanctions

Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa last week blamed the Act for Zimbabwe's economic decay at the executive council of the African Union. But critics say the Zanu (PF) government is deliberately misleading the world into believing that the US-crafted Zimbabwe Democracy Act (ZDA) call

s for sanctions against Zimbabwe.
“The fact that Zanu (PF) is ranting and railing against this Act at every international platform is an admission on their part that they do not promote democracy, that they do not intend to restore the rule of law or allow citizens their democratic rights,” said Harare North MP Trudy Stevenson.
Nowhere in the Act, passed in 2000, is the word “sanctions” mentioned. The Act only imposes a travel ban on President Mugabe, his wife, and his cronies from traveling to the US. The Act also imposes an arms embargo banning the sale of military hardware to President Mugabe’s regime. The ban was imposed after it emerged government was using the weapons to terrorize defenseless citizens engaged in legitimate and peaceful protests.
It does not seek to “overthrow the legitimate government”, and it specifically mentions that all US funding for basic human needs such as social, housing and health programmes will continue. In fact, two weeks ago the US government donated US$18 million to fight HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, dispelling lies that sanctions were hurting ordinary people.
What the Act stopped was any further funding direct to the Zanu (PF) government for the simple reason that government is not promoting democracy or protecting human and civil rights – which is what US funding would be targeted at in future.

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