Save Zimbabwe Campaign more relevant than ever

Save Zimbabwe Campaign (SZC) celebrates its first anniversary this week amid more rather than less problems for the nation. What with increased regime brutality against civic and opposition leaders, empty shelves in the shops, increased power and water cuts and the general imp

overishment of the people, the Campaign has its work cut out to dethrone the dictator.
The SZC is now even more relevant to the Zimbabwe crisis than it was when it was formed. Frankly, it is the only show in town, and has to be urged to continue its work in spite of some of its component members feeling fatigued. Then there are those that view the SZC as a convenient tool that they can use for their own sectional purposes. The Campaign must strenuously resist such elements and stay the course.
In the next 12 months is hoped that progressive forces will continue to apply pressure on the regime until it capitulates and accepts the will of the people of Zimbabwe. The Campaign needs to engage in more rather than less incidents of confrontation with the dictator. A situation such as the one obtaining now is not healthy at all.
The dictator is currently under the illusion that he has managed to quell the trouble that his regime faced in March 2007. The dictator feels triumphant, well, almost. This false self-confidence must be wiped off the dictator’s face as quickly as possible if the hope of the people of this country is to be sustained. The dictator must find the SZC activists operating in all the areas that he decides to employ to fool the people of this bankrupt nation.
For example, the SZC should produce appropriate propaganda material that can be distributed to the people at the numerous food queues throughout the country. The people of this country are hungry for information, and they will gladly welcome informative material on carefully selected topics of national interest.
There are those who will argue that the persons that will be found distributing such materials will obviously be arrested and tortured by the running dogs of dictatorship –the ZRP and the CIO. True, but that may be the price we have to pay for our freedom. There is nothing that the SZC can ever do to promote its core business that does not have some cost to it.
It is common knowledge that the fuel shortage has all but grounded this nation. The hardest hit are people trying to travel between urban and rural areas. Very few rural buses are still operating; there just isn’t enough fuel to risk travelling into some remote rural area unless one has more than just a full tank of diesel.
Sadly, the rural people are some of the most marginalized people in this country. That is one of the reasons why the criminal Zanu (PF) always takes advantage of them for its political ends. The SZC should be instrumental in providing the rural folk with as much information as possible to enable them to know how to vote come 2008.
The Mugabe party claims that it has massive support in the rural areas. This myth can be exposed for what it is if the SZC carries out programmes aimed at informing and energising the rural people to demand that their rights be observed by the man-eating regime. The SZC has the duty to raise the cost of running this country for the dictator. That can only be done if more action is undertaken throughout the country.

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