Mbeki to urge Mugabe to go

President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa is expected to meet with Zimbabwe's troubled leader, President Robert Mugabe soon to discuss his exit from power as a way of ending several years of a taxing political crisis that has caused unprecedented economic recession.
Sources in Mb

eki’s government revealed that Mugabe had agreed to the meeting and it is expected to seal the issue of him leaving office and not contesting next year’s elections,” a source said. “Mugabe is very eager to get assurance of his indemnity from prosecution but he will find it very difficult to refuse calls for him to go and not contest next year’s elections because apparently, the pressure is coming from within his party as well.”
Informed sources say SADC leaders have also been urging Mugabe to “pave the way and allow the rebuilding of Zimbabwe” following the acceptance by the regional grouping that despite Mugabe’s claims of sanctions, the Harare regime was largely behind the crisis due to poor policies and misgovernance.
Efforts to obtain comment from Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba were not successful whilst Mbeki’s office declined to comment on the grounds that there is a position not to discuss the talks’ issue in the media. – Itai Dzamara

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