MDC threatens walk-out if violence continues

MDC threatens walk-out if violence continues
HARARE - Zimbabwe's main opposition, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), could withdrawn from peace talks if violence continues against its supporters and other opponents of the ruling Zanu (PF).
The MDC has reportedly asked South African Presiden

t Thabo Mbeki to pressure the Harare government to end the violence, or the MDC would withdraw from the Southern African Development Community-sponsored peace talks with Zanu (PF).
Nelson Chamisa, spokesman of the MDC, told reporter Peter Clottey that the MDC was disappointed in the ruling party’s lack of commitment to end the violence in the country.
He said the MDC felt frustrated with the commitment of the ongoing peace negotiations, but was committed to finding a solution to the political crisis.
Chamisa said although the MDC was not in favour of giving President Mugabe the right to choose a successor, it had to agree to that bill to gain political leverage in future deliberations with the ruling party. – Peter Clottey

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