More tobacco sold

THE tobacco-selling season came to a close last week on Friday with about 70,2 m kilograms having been sold. The figure compares favourably with the 55,5 m kilograms delivered  last year.
A total of $4,5 trillion was paid out in government support against $15bn for last year.

cco Industry Marketing Board acting chief executive Dr Andrew Matibiri said the season had officially ended.
“We cannot keep this particular tobacco until the mop-up sales, so it will be sold on Monday (September 10) and if necessary sales will spill into Tuesday,” he said.
Dr Matibiri said clean ups were expected to start on September 25 and, depending on the volume of deliveries, would be conducted daily up to September 28.
“Accordingly, all growers are advised to complete their grading and baling operations and to continue to deliver their tobacco up to Monday 24th September.”
The tobacco-selling season, which almost turned out like the previous selling seasons when farmers withheld their crop in protest over prices, turned out better after the timely intervention by government, when it announced a government-support price. -Own Correspondent


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