Voter reg extended

The Zimbabwean government has extended the voter registration exercise in response to concerns from opposition political parties and civic groups over the manner in which the exercise has been carried out.
In a statement this week, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) said it w

as extending the exercise indefinitely to ensure that all potential voters were registered.
“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission wishes to advise that after considering reports from its teams deployed to supervise the voter registration exercise and consulting with stake holders and political parties on the effectiveness of the exercise, it has resolved to extend the programme,” said the statement.
The decision to extend voter registration comes after the opposition MDC voiced concern over the manner in which ZEC conducted the initial voter registration exercise that ended last August.
The MDC accused the Mugabe regime of manipulating the exercise by instructing ZEC officials to turn away thousands of opposition supporters wishing to register.
ZEC had also opened fewer registration centres in urban areas where the opposition enjoys support, while increasing centres in Mugabe’s rural strongholds in what the MDC said was an attempt to rig the elections even before a single ballot was cast.
The use of soldiers and other uniformed officers in the voter registration exercise would also intimidate their supporters particularly in rural areas, said MDC, demanding that ZEC employ civilians in the exercise.
But ZEC said demands by political parties to change manpower would not be tolerated. – ZimOnline

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