From the Streets of Harare

Big brother Thabo Mbeki finally passed through the treacherous streets of Harare for what he called "consultations".

Mbeki came, was met by Mugabe and his entourage of bootlickers at the airport and we later saw on national television the South African leader pontificating at Mugabe’s side.

Wait a minute, we had held our breaths hoping for something reflecting a breakthrough. No, the same old story. Mugabe, with Mbeki flanking him and giving

him some legitimacy if not honour, exposes his attitude towards the political negotiations by firing a broadside at MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, charging

that his complaints about state-sponsored violence are unfounded and meant for “his friends” in apparent reference to the forces Mugabe has always blamed for

the country’s myriad problems.

And, hard on the heels of Mbeki’s cascading along the streets of Harare in Mugabe’s long motorcade, NCA demonstrators were – as usual – being arrested and beaten by the repressive Mugabe regime. We really wonder what else Mbeki told Mugabe when they were together and vice-versa. But we are certainly sure about something – Mbeki is limping along the garden path once again, regrettably with the whole nation of Zimbabwe believing the chicanery and deception of this old Robert Mugabe.

Just what negotiations are going on when people still cannot show their democratic right by demonstrating for a new constitution, peacefully?  And we keep wondering what exactly these MDC factions intend to achieve. Unconfirmed reports suggest Tendai Biti has been boycotting the talks nonsense because of escalating state-sponsored violence but why can’t the opposition call a spade a spade and if it means pulling out of this farcical engagement with Zanu (PF), do it without apology because this nation doesn’t owe anything to the murderous party called Zanu (PF).

It is clear Mbeki is trying last-ditch efforts to save his mediation efforts and we are aware that the dishonesty and insincerity of the ruining party have derailed progress. Mugabe is retaining his rigging machinery as demonstrated with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

He is still sending his Green Bombers into the countryside to butcher the electorate at the same time using food aid for campaigning purposes.  And just to ask Biti and Welshman Ncube, what in essence do they have to show as practical concessions they have so far managed to extract from Zanu (PF) after having been cheated into supporting the 18th amendment?

Morgan Tsvangirai keeps threatening a boycott of elections, Arthur Mutambara is conspicuous by his silence – but one thing is clear, these opposition leaders are really following Mbeki down the garden path. – [email protected]

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