MDC councilor flees for life to SA

YET another senior opposition official has been forced to flee
persecution from the Zimbabwe in a development that flies in the face
of assurances that the Thabo Mbeki-led mediation talks between the
ruling ZANU (PF) and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) had
progressed well.

Timothy Ngwenya, MDC (Tsvangirai) councilor for Ward 22 in Silobela in

Midlands Province has fled this week to South Africa for fear of his

life after reportedly being threatened by alleged ZANU (PF) militia

men ahead of the nomination exercise scheduled for January next year.

He said he would only be going back to the country then as he was

still willing to contest his position in next year’s council


 “People who said they were working under orders from the President’s

office, they threatened to deal with me if I continued campaigning for

the election next year. I was left with no choice but to cross the

border illegally to seek refuge in South Africa,” Ngwenya said.

This is the latest in a round of violence that the ruling party has

unleashed on the opposition, a development that has questioned the

ruling party’s commitment to ensuring a free and fair election next

year, and the SADC-initiated talks.

The wave of violence led to the main wing of the opposition, who have

been on the receiving end in most instances, presented their

grievances to the Minister of Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi.

The minister however maintained there was no widespread violence

targeted at the opposition.

Zimbabweans go to a crucial poll next year in the back of a deepening

economic recession. Like in previous elections violence, violence is

flaring up ahead of the vote.

MDC Treasurer-General now living in exile in South Africa, Roy Bennet,

however denied knowledge of a councillor who had fled to the country.

“I am not ware of that at all,” he said. – CAJ News

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