An end to literary barrenness

Young creative entrepreneur Alec Kaposa and friends have exploited Zimbabwe's rich culture by establishing a literary publication, New Voices Magazine.

The venture was initiated in 2004 but disrupted due to lack of financial resources. Thanks to the Zimbabwe Culture Fund, the magazine has re-bounded with a Z$350 million cash injection.

The quarterly publication appears as the nation undergoes various social and political challenges. It is a time when idealism and action are merging – with mixed results. ‘We’re hoping to stimulate literary activity in Zimbabwe with a view to providing a vehicle for the new writers who are emerging. Young writers have had no regular outlet for their work and it is our hope that New Voices will encourage them,’ Kaposa explained.

‘While it is the primary purpose of this magazine to encourage and discuss contemporary writing, we will not dismiss old generation writers and critics. For it is on the heritage of the past that the literature of the future must be based. Looking back at the history and development of Zimbabwean literature, our fine writers – Shimmer Chinodya, Dambudzo Marechera, Musaemura Zimunya – were, in their early days, published in local magazines and newspapers.

‘Other young African writers like Nigerians Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Helon Habila have made an incalculable impression in the last few years. Their books are sought and read with curiosity and enthusiasm. They are taken more seriously than most because they have something to say to us in Africa now.’ Anyone interested in contributing to the next issue should contact: The Editor, New Voices Magazine, Box 39, Norton.

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