ANC delegates instils fear on President Mbeki

ANC delegates instils fear on President Mbeki

DELEGATES to the African National Congress (ANC) 52nd conference defied the party's adopted rules and regulations of the day when they broke into "Mshini Wami " song showing total solidarity to deputy president Jacob Zuma.

Chanting of political songs, distribution of pamphlets/flyers as well as the wearing on of t-shirts of the contesting candidates was banned at the congress.
Four hours after the adoption of the confrence’s rules and regulation, majority of the Zuma staunch supporters broke into “Mshini Wami” song and danced shortly after president Thabo Mbeki had just finished off delivering his political report.
Efforts by the ANC Chairman, Mosiuoa Lekota to stop delegates from singing the Zuma’s “Mshini Wami” fell on deaf ears.
The situation was saved when the party secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe stood up to wave at the stimated 5 000 supporters to sit down and stop singing the song.
 If the singing of Mshini Wami song is anything to go-by, then the demonstration sent a clear message to president Mbeki well ahead of tonight’s elections.
Most delegates are against the idea of president Mbeki of going for the third term as ANC’s president. The delegates argue that two terms were fair to any democratic leader insisting allowing Mbeki for the third time would send a negative signal to the future South African leaders-CAJ News.

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