Mbeki likened to Mugabe as he goes for third term

Mbeki likened to Mugabe as he goes for third term

AFRICAN National Congress (ANC) delegates are still coming in large numbers in a historic moment that is expected to usher in the party's deputy president Jacob Zuma as the new leader provided President Thabo Mbeki acquires tactics that would turn the tables on his favour at the last hurdle.

 Hundreds of party faithfuls in Polokwane, Limpopo’s provincial capital were singing Zuma’s popular “mshini wami” song at bus termini whilst others could be heard shouting on top of their voices condemning President Thabo Mbeki’s desire to run for the third term.
 “We want Zuma in, come hell come thunder. President Mbeki is now behaving like his Zimbabwean counter-part Robert Mugabe, who is not willing to share power with others.
 “Two terms in office is enough, and why all of a sudden president Mbeki would want to exceed two terms?  President Mbeki should take a cue from former president Nelson Mandela and quit power at the right time,” said one ANC activist in Polokwane.
 Already allegations of bribery have been raised well ahead to the congress that takes off (Sunday) tomorrow morning.
The unpertubed ANC’s Electoral Commission had already issued a statement condemning any allegations of bribery aimed at vote-buying the votes.
In a statement issued this week by Electoral Commission Chairperson, Bertha Gxowa, the party would not tolerate bribery in any election.
“We have not received any formal complaints about such activities, in spite of the many allegations and rumours that have appeared in the media. The small number of complaints we have received have all been of an administrative nature and have been resolved or referred to the correct structures.
“We would like to remind delegates and ANC supporters that the elections in Polokwane will be by secret ballot and that all delegates will be free to make their own choices. The elections will be managed by an independent agency of professional election administrators – The Elexions Agency,” said Gxowa.
The electoral commission head said a code of conduct and rules for the elections would be adopted by Conference on Sunday and delegates who made themselves guilty of misconduct would be dealt with by disciplinary structures.
The South African Police Service (SAPS) is providing tight security to the venue-CAJ News.

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