MDC remain committed to talks

MDC remain committed to talks

HARARE - THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has remained in the SADC initiated talks, for one purpose, that is, to expose President Robert Mugabe and his allies in the region, sources close to the talks have revealed.

Within the next few days Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu (PF) and the opposition MDC will be signing a number of agreements that among other things are going to be used in the forthcoming elections whose dates are yet to be confirmed.
 However, President Robert Mugabe  has said there will be no change from the initial dates set for March next year.
Sources told CAJ News the opposition had managed to negotiate for reviews in the country’s most draconian laws including the POSA and AIPPA.
“All the changes we have been calling for during the talks, seems to be falling away. We had hoped that the negotiations were going to bring the much needed breakthrough to all the crises that the country is facing right now,” said the source.  
The sources said a number of legislations that are perceived to be draconic had already been changed and are only waiting to be signed as part of the negotiations.
“We had managed to secure meaningful changes to AIPPA, POSA, the Broadcasting services Act and Electoral Act, of which we were more concerned about the composition of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission,” said the source.  
The talks led by South African President Thabo Mbeki were at the brink of collapse this week after the MDC faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai threatened to pull out alleging that the ruling party was negotiating in bad faith.
“With all the support the Mugabe has got from the SADC at the recent EU-Africa summit, it clearly shows that the SADC heads of state have been acting ion bad faith and we are in the talks to expose their hypocrisy,” added the source.
An official in the MDC camp led by Tsvangirai yesterday said the party’s national executive council was going to meet on Sunday to discuss the outcome of the talks and the way forward.
The National Constitution Assembly (NCA) however, said whatever is going to come out of the talks will not help resolve the leadership legitimacy crisis in the country.
“We further reiterate our position that any election without a new constitution will be null and void for as long as the processes which govern those elections are illegitimate and fraudulent. A leadership that comes out of a bogus election will remain illegitimate and controversial in the eyes of all stakeholders,” said the NCA in a statement-CAJ News.

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