Mugabe sets the tone

mugabe sets the tone

Zanu (PF) leader, Robert Mugabe today set the tone of next year's election
campaign when he addressed an estimated 40 000 people, most of whom had been
force-marched by his thugs.

 The crowd had gathered at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare after

marching through the streets with police escorts directing traffic. manacing

riot police were conspicuos by their absence.

True to form, Mugabe blamed white Zimbabweans, the west, sanctions and the

oppostion for the country’s problems.

He also declared himself the only person that should lead this country.

“I want to thank you for this,” he said. “You understand as people we got

fed up and stood against the ways of whites here. You know what it means to

sacrifice, and you have showed that commitment once again.”

“The same whites came together to form the MDC, and for the particular

purpose of re-colonising this country. We should resolutely stand against

such evil plans. We must remain

united as we approach the elections against our

enemies bent on causing all sorts of destabilisation in the country,” he



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