NCA alarmed at behaviour

NCA alarmed at behaviour

The National Constitutional Assembly is alarmed by the behaviour being demonstrated by Zimbabwe's two political rival parties and the SADC mediators over the agreements on the ongoing political mediations.

In the next few days Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU PF and opposition MDC will be signing a draft constitutional bill that among other things will be used in the forthcoming elections whose dates are yet to be confirmed. The MDC, which is an alliance partner of the NCA, has already hinted that it will agree on the draft constitution as it says it was part of the making of the dubious draft constitution.
The NCA remain committed to a constitutional making process were all citizens can freely participate. The NCA and the entire Zimbabwean populace will not agree on any constitution imposed on them by political parties whose only interest is to obtain political power.
As the NCA we believe that Zimbabwe is bigger than MDC and ZANU PF and we are of the opinion that the current crisis is beyond the political impasse between these two political formations. We understand that the crisis that we are currently facing will need an all inclusive process of constitutional making.
We believe that we cannot entrust the future of our nation to Zanu Pf and MDC.The NCA is aware of the dangers of trusting politicians to secretly decide on issues that affect the nation. The move by the political parties to write the constitution of the country undermines the fundamental principles of democracy and constitutionalism. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and the people should be accorded the right to shape a future they want.
The NCA wants to clarify to the MDC and Zanu Pf that their intention to come and impose a constitution in Zimbabwe will be morally and principally denied by Zimbabweans. We will mobilise the people of Zimbabwe to resist and reject any constitution imposed on them by greedy politicians of the day.
The draft document which has been agreed on by the MDC and Zanu PF remains an agreement between them and cannot be a constitution for Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans will also deny the draft constitution on the basis that they never gave any mandate to MDC and ZANU PF to write a constitution of the country on their behalf.The NCA wants to make it clear that iregardless of what ZANU PF and MDC will agree on, the people of Zimbabwe will continue pushing for a new people driven constitution which guarantee them social, political and economic rights.We further reiterate our position that any election without a new constitution will be null and void for as long as the processes which govern those elections are illegitimate and fraudulent. A leadership that comes out of a bogus election will remain illegitimate and controversial in the eyes of all stakeholders. Issued By:  
Madock Chivasa (NCA National Spokesperson)
For more information you can call the spokesperson on the following numbers
+263 912 904 492   or  +27713775109


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