New Zealand tightens sanctions on Zimbabwe

New Zealand tightens sanctions on Zimbabwe

NEW Zealand has joined the growing number of countries continuing to tighten screws on President Mugabe's government after it announced that an existing travel ban has been extended to adult children of the ruling Zanu PF officials.

In a statement today, New Zealand Foreign Minister, Winston Peters said his country would extend the ban by not granting student visa and permits for entry into the country to President Mugabe’s associates.Australia and the US recently imposed similar restrictions Before this ban New Zealand imposed targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe’s leadership – including barring them from travelling to the country and using New Zealand banks despite having little trade with Zimbabwe. “Mugabe’s government is continuing to violently suppress political opposition and it is driving the country toward economic ruin,” Peters said.Denying student visas was designed to put extra pressure on senior members of the government to change their policies and start helping their own people, he said. “It is wrong that amid the chaos and suffering they have imposed, the regime’s leaders are able to send their children abroad to study so they can escape such conditions,” he added. Most western nations and rights groups accuse President Mugabe of widespread human rights violations and wrecking the country’s economy, forcing many Zimbabweans into poverty.Due to policies blamed on Mugabe, Zimbabwe has continued to record negative growth in economy, recording the highest inflation in the world. Mugabe blames the West and it’s targetted and undeclared sanctions regime for the economic woes currently faced in Zimbabwe.-CAJ News.


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