Panic grips “World Bank”

Panic grips "World Bank"

BULAWAYO---Panic has gripped among the illegal foreign currency dealers popularly known as Osiphatheleni  in Bulawayo as rumours   for currency   change   is filtering.

 Addressing the  Zanu PF  Extraordinary congress  in Harare  on  Friday   the Reserve Bank   of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor  Gideon Gono  accused   top government  officials of  causing the   artificial cash shortages  by running  illegal  foreign currency exchange  syndicates.Gono said   he is going  to surprise   these cash  barons  by unveiling a secret  economic reform at an unnamed date.
 Due   to Gono’s sentiments rumuors has been flittering in the black-market sector since Friday evening that the country’s currency   is going to be changed  anytime  before Christmas and   new   currency will be unveiled.
 Several  Osiphatelinis   who spoke   to  The Zimbabwean  on Saturday  from the  notorious known World Bank  located at corner Fort Street and Fifth Avenue in Bulawayo said  they don’t  know what to do  with  hordes of local currency in their hands if Gono is to change money before Christmas.
We  surely  don’t  know   what to do with these hordes  of cash in our  hands   if the  RBZ is  going to change currency  before Christmas because  this the period our business is at peak said Mildred Ncube one of the  illegal foreign currency dealer operating from World Bank 
Ester Makuwe   another  illegal  foreign currency dealer  said  if  the   currency is going to be changed    before Christmas  she will  run out of business  as  most of her clients who are  from South Africa  are now  about flock in for holiday 
If Gono changes currency  I will be definitely out of business  my   clients usually they come  during Christmas period  from South  Africa  so they will  find me without  local currency  to give  them said  Makuwe.   

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