The people must stop Mugabe

The people must stop Mugabe

Dear Editor
The last two weeks saw two major developments that have a bearing on the future of Zimbabwe as a nation.

The first is that President Mugabe attended the EU-Africa summit where he repeated the same claims that problems in Zimbabwe are a result of the interference of the West in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe. Although he was criticised by some EU leaders his African brothers were quick to his defence, a foretaste of how the proposed Peer Review System is going to work. Before the summit many African leaders had argued that Mugabe should be invited so that the world could engage him on the problems in his country but no sooner had the appalling human rights situation in Zimbabwe been raised by Chancellor Merkel did the true colours of the leaders come out. Some argued that Europe should leave Mugabe to Africa because they had no understanding of African democracy, whatever this means. For seven years Africa has failed to reign in Mugabe and in the process failed the masses of Zimbabwe. So once again no reprieve came from this summit for the suffering people of Zimbabwe. The second development was the Zanu PF special congress which endorsed Mugabe’s candidature and declared him ‘Life President’. While it was widely expected that the congress would endorse Mugabe there was an outside chance that someone would challenge Mugabe or at least voice concern at the rate at which conditions in the country are deteriorating. But nobody had the courage giving credence to Margaret Dongo’s claim that all in Zanu PF are Mugabe’s ‘wives’. Now that two of the platforms that were expected to challenge Mugabe or at least to help him see the errors of his ways have failed the people should take it upon themselves to stop Robert Mugabe. The only available way is to vote resoundingly against Mugabe in the forthcoming elections. Although the odds are against the people we have no option but to try even when we believe that Mugabe has already rigged the elections. In order to stop Mugabe we should stop waiting for the politicians to call campaign rallies but rather each one of us should act as an agent provocateur for change. It is only the use of the word of mouth where families talk to family members, neighbours to neighbours as well as friends to friends. We should make it clear to each other that we can no longer afford to have Mugabe after the coming elections. It is only through mass mobilisation within our immediate micro cells that the fire for change can be ignited. Zimbabweans cannot afford to remain Mugabe’s wives anymore. We should take it upon ourselves to stop Mugabe. Mbeki and Africa have failed, the western world has been talk without action and now the people must liberate themselves from the clutches of the Zanu PF monster. This election can be a watershed regardless of what rigging mechanisms Mugabe has put in place if the all the people who are angry at having no jobs, no water, no electricity, no food go and vote. It is sheer numbers that will stop Mugabe. We have defeated Mugabe before (Referendum, 2000) and I believe that if all people who can vote go and vote against the mortgaging of our nation to pseudo War veterans and other rogue elements in Zanu PF we will be able to stop Mugabe. The people now have only themselves to blame if Mugabe retains power because we can stop him.”All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience” Mao Tse-Tung”

Nyengeterai Gidi, UK


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