UK govt working on recovery package for Zim

LONDON - The British government has responded to a petition sent to it by
Zimbaabweans in the UK asking the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to take
strong action against the dictatorial regime of President Robert Mugabe.

The response states: Reports from Zimbabwe have graphically illustrated the

appalling and tragic situation in which the people of Zimbabwe now find


The facts are stark: 4 million people have fled the country; 80 per cent of

the population are unemployed; 4 million will be on food aid by the end of

the year; and average life expectancy has fallen to just 37.

There is no easy solution to end this suffering. However, the Government is

determined to continue to do everything it can to help the Zimbabwean

people. We are currently the second largest bilateral donor in Zimbabwe,

providing up to £40m a year in humanitarian assistance and for HIV and Aids

care in support of the most vulnerable. In addition, the Government is

announcing an additional £8m for Zimbabwe this year, to be delivered through

the World Food Programme.

But this alone will not be enough. And working with our international

partners we must do more to press the Zimbabwean government to change.

The Government will ensure that the EU maintains sanctions against the 131

individuals in the ruling elite, including President Mugabe, who have

committed human rights abuses – and extend sanctions to other individuals

where necessary. The Government have successfully lobbied EU partners to

agree to send an EU envoy to report back on the situation on the ground. The

Government will press the UN Security Council to review Zimbabwe more

regularly. The Government also support the important efforts of Presidents

Kikwete of Tanzania and Mbeki of South Africa to negotiate a return to


The Government need to be ready for the day democracy returns to Zimbabwe.

The Government are working with international partners to prepare a

long-term recovery package for when conditions exist to allow economic

reconstruction to begin. This will include measures to help Zimbabwe restart

and stabilise its economy, restructure and reduce its debt, help skilled

people who have left the country to return home, renovate schools and

hospitals, and, very importantly, support fair land reform. Britain is ready

to contribute our share to this endeavour.

Britain will not shirk our responsibilities to the people of Zimbabwe. The

Prime Minister is determined that the British Government does all it can to

help the Zimbabwean people to forge a better future for themselves and their


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