Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador Rasoul Momeni has accused the West of double human rights standards. Hewas  speaking  at the occassion marking the international Human RIGHTS DAY in the City .

”The West does not consider  or recognizes the rights  or views of the colonized  and oppressed countries  particularly the Third World , and have their own political agenda,” he said .
He further said the issue of Human Rights has become  an instrument in the hands of world powers in order to achieve their political aims and objectives .The human rights behaviour of the more influential players has major impacts on all aspects of modern life both in the standard setting and application of human rights worldwide.
He took a swipe at the USA  which continues to violate civil and political rights of those being suspects  from all over te world in the so called ” war on terror” and  cited  abuses  and torture  at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghuraib prison  and other  secret detentions and said can not be a champion  and defender  of human rights in the world .
Similarly one of the so called standard  bearer of human rights in the international arenathe Canadian gorverment has also been accused itself  as agross violator of human rights  and human rights abuses have been recorded in the Muslim community .
”USA ignores  the most serious  violation  of human rights committed by their  puppet , the Zionist Israeli regime. This shows the double standards  being applied by the powerful countries ,” he said .
Meanwhilst the UN Secretary General Ban -Ki .Moon has admitted that the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the universal Declaration of Human Rights are still not a reality for ceveryone  and reiterated that too often , Governments lack the political will to implement International norms they have willingly accepted.
In his global message marking the International Human Rights Day , he urged the inherent dignity  and equality of all human beings not to be taken for granted.
” This 60th annirversary with the theme ;; “”Dignity and justice for all of us” is an occassion  to build up that will It is a chance  to ensure that these rights arte a living reality— that they are known , understood and enjoyed  by everyone, everywhere.It is often those who most need their human rights protected , who also need to be informed that the Declaration  exists — and that it exists for them, ” he said further urging that lets make the universal Declaration  of Human Rights an intergral part of everyone’s life.

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