Zanu (PF) grab all

Zanu (PF) grab all

By Tracy Shoko
A traditional leader in Matabeleland North has accused senior ruling Zanu-PF officials in the province of grabbing all the farming inputs like fertiliser being distributed by the Zimbabwe government for free to boost agricultural production after successive years of food shortages.

 Traditional leader Chief Madliwa in Nkayi, Nesigwe area says the government should probe the unfair distribution of farming inputs saying some deserving cases were left out.
 Chief Madliwa told The Zimbabwean during a visit: There was no transparency in the distribution of farming inputs as most of the ordinary people were excluded from the list of beneficiaries by senior Zanu-PF officials.
 The government says the distribution of farming inputs which has seen beneficiaries take delivery of fertiliser and maize among other agricultural implements is meant to bolster the food security situation.
 Zimbabwe has battled with a gripping food crisis after agricultural production plummeted to low levels after President Robert Mugabe seized white commercial farms and parceled them to landless blacks without any farming expertise.
 Chief Madliwa added: Most ordinary people have also not benefited anything from the agricultural mechanisation programme as most of the machinery was taken by Zanu-PF officials.
 The government should probe the unfair distribution of the farming implements as they are meant to benefit everyone and not a select few people.
 Chief Madliwa’s area of jurisdiction borders Kwekwe, Zhombe, and Gweru in the Midlands Province, Chief Sikobokobo to the West and Chief Tshugulu to the South. There are five headmen under him.
 The agricultural mechanization programme has received massive’ airplay on both state radio and television through musical jingles after every hour. Musical jingles praising government policies have in the past been dismissed by analysts as propaganda material.

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