Giant dam construction resumes

CONSTRUCTION of the giant Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam in Masvingo is set to resume soon after government made Z$5 trillion available.

Inadequate funding has intermittently stalled work on the dam, set to become Zimbabwe’s largest water body totally within its borders with a capacity of 1,3 billion cubic metres.

Construction was poised to resume any time from now after Government allocated funds for the dam project touted as Masvingo’s answer to recurrent food problems. Water Resources and Infrastructural Development Deputy Minister Walter Mzembi said this year’s budgetary allocation for Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam was evidence of government’s commitment to complete the eagerly-awaited project.  

Mzembi said the funds, though insufficient to complete the whole project, would make sure that construction continued at the project site.

“The allocation of funds towards Tokwe-Mukorsi construction shows that government is committed to finish the project and to make sure that work at the dam continues. Government will in future continue to give priority to the project in the allocation of funds because of the dam’s vast economic tourism potential when it is finally completed,” said Mzembi.

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