MDC braces for violence as talks flounder

HARARE - The pretending and gimmicking is over and it's back to the basics as Robert Mugabe steers Zanu (PF) towards a roller coaster campaign for rigging elections, unleashing violence and repression as well as fighting real and perceived enemies.

The charade that has for sometime deceived the nation and the whole world and which was called talks flounders into oblivion, and the MDC braces for another violent crackdown by the dictator. The oppressed nation braces for more suffering, hunger and poverty.

Last week’s Zanu (PF) politburo meeting had on its agenda the issue of elections, and it was concluded that the ruling party now has to “leap into full gear and focus on winning the elections”, according to sources present. Mugabe is reported to have told the meeting that the MDC had refused to capitulate to the ruling party’s demands on the negotiating table, indicating that there was therefore no hope for a deal coming through talks.

“He reported about the failure of talks on the basis that the MDC is insisting on a new constitution and delaying of the elections. Mugabe said the doors remained open but for now talks were dead and over, the party ought to start gunning for victory at the elections.”

Political commissar Elliot Manyika has confirmed the commencement of Zanu (PF) primary elections.

On the same day Mugabe was announcing the death of talks, MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai told a rally that the aged dictator had failed the test of sincerity in the dialogue as well as willingness to conduct free and fair elections.

President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa has planned another emergency visit to Harare accompanied by African Union head President John Kuffor of Ghana to try and save the talks. Mbeki’s visit last week failed to convince Mugabe to defer elections until a new constitution could be implemented.

Tension is increasing throughout the country following the violent clash between the state and MDC marchers on Wednesday, as well as vows by the opposition to raise the tempo of democratic resistance in the face the talks’ failure to achieve a negotiated settlement. – Staff reporter

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