I CONSIDER myself a progressive human being and a good citizen. I grew up going to church. Although I may not necessarily be labeled a good Christian, I do believe in the value of some moral and Christian standards.

In that way, I believe in forgiveness, we all do wrong and need to be forgiven at some point, but we should never lose the lesson in the process.
This concerns one Zimbabwean citizen, Jonathan Moyo, PhD, a distinguished professor of political science turned politician.
I see the opposition is trying to bring together all anti-Mugabe people under a united front for election purposes. Please do, because it is all necessary, but I write to cry that please don’t include Jonathan Moyo. Hell, No!
I have nothing personal against him as a person, but I can’t forget what he did to us. 1) Who could have known that in Zimbabwe, state media could become so polarized, so propaganda spewing to the extent of rivaling the Soviet Pravda?
2) Who could have thought that ZTV could be so anti-people, pro-ruling party and predictably monotonous? Zanu PF is not a democratic party, never was. But they had some elementary pretense to democracy that they even let state papers expose some government scandals, until Jonathan came onto the show.
3) Here is a man who showed Mugabe how to control what citizens hear, think or see.
4) A man who hated democracy to the extent of bombing the Daily News!  and then tried to close all independent papers, introduced Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act under the draconian Public order and security act and later brought Tafatawona Mahoso and company into a phony organization called MIC.
5) Now he wants to join hands with everyone to see Zanu PF out? Excuse me?
   He was a chief persecutor of the opposition, now he wants to be an ardent or zealous opponent of the former!
6) He is an educated fellow, very learned, full of double standards, hypocrisy and very stupid too!FYI, Jonathan Moyo does not disagree with Zanu PF in any way; he just failed to get what he wanted from it. For him to be given another chance through the opposition is like forgiving the now late, notorious robbers Chidhumo & Masendeke, who dramatically escaped from lawful custody, then employ them as prison officers at the same Chikurubi Maximum Prison because they know ‘prison issues’, no matter from what different angle. Hell no!!
7) “Jonho” tried to decimate the opposition when he was in power, now he wants not only forgiveness, but a platform to resuscitate his political fortunes from.
He was the brains behind Mugabe’s 2002 controversial win, so let him go back there. If he is not wanted, it is not MDC’s responsibility to bail the man out. We may have forgiven him, but we will never forget!
The guy is not as bad as you think, he is far worse. The opposition should be careful who it invites to this coalition, because they may lose a lot of public confidence. Do they want to challenge Mugabe on principle, or are they just another power hungry gang who want to use any avenue available to get into power?
It becomes difficult to trust such people. Look at what Kibaki has just done.
Chinjai Maitiro enyu aya!!!
Masola   Wadabudabu.

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