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Fire Gono
Gono is not an elected official, ngaabviswe nekuti he is grossly incompetent. Zimbabwe will do much better without his arrogance and hypocrisy.

Army hungry

It’s not only cadets that are hungry but the army at large. Every mess in the army is starving and every Zimbabwean ministry is now paralysed.


Kudos Phillip

Thanks to Chiyangwa for the soccer coverage. Keep it up.


Soldiers neglected

Iwe Mugabe kana usisade isu masoja taura kwete kutipa tumacents.


Plea to Rex

The aged serial assassin should not personalize Zimbabwe. It is not his but our heritage. Unodei chausina iwe? Rex Nhongo uripi tatambura.


Lets pray

As we approach the much talked about election, let’s open our Holy Bible on Psalm 80. God still loves us. Let’s pray that all those who plan to cheat will fail.


Bravo Zapiro

Zapiro Calendar is a zipo. Zapiro is the best cartoonist. Hang some of the calendars in Parliament.


Be warned

Chinewspaper chenyu chaakuda kuenderera manje. We will be picking up your reporters one by one very soon, starting with your chief reporter Gift Phiri and everyone else using pseudonyms such as Bayethe Zitha.


Expand reach

The Zimbabwean is a good paper. It should reach the stupid Zanu (PF) people of Mudzi, Murehwa, UMP who support Mugabe. Kupusa semwana anochemera mukaka kuna mai vakafa.


Daylight robbery

Reserve Bank please tinodawo foreign currency yedu yakavharirwa neNMB bank pakatorwa FCA licence.


Viva Zuma

Zimboz greeted news of Zuma victory with delight hoping for a tougher stance and for quiet diplomacy at the bank ATMs.


Thieving vendors

Your vendors at Nyore Nyore, corner Charter Rd, Seke Rd, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda Ave are selling The Zimbabwean at $500,000 per copy now.


Kenya carnage

Mugabe, Kenya scenario is coming to Zimbabwe if you rig the election.


Load shedding

Do top government officials own candle making companies? This is no longer load shedding someone must be smiling all the way to the bank selling candles.


Lying idle

It’s amazing to note that some agricultural implements confiscated from farms 4 years ago are gathering dust, rusting at some Thornhill Airforce Base at MQS flats.


Divide Zim

I think Zimbabwe must be divided into two countries: one side for Mugabe and his supporters and their own kind of democracy, and another for the rest of us.


Unite please

Ndinoti for all parties batanai tibvise Zanu. Tsvangirai ndiye leader wa2008.


Fantastic calendar

I’ve many calendars. The one in The Zimbabwean is my calendar of the season.


Great calendar

Thank you for the calendar. I love those cartoons. I have been collecting them since I started reading The Zimbabwean.


No hope

Voting will not change things. Experience has taught me that. I am looking to pack my bags this year. But I will keep praying for change though.


Name barons

If the norm is to report law breakers as Gono says then he should lead by example and name the cash barons.


End is nigh

Dai ndanga ndirini Bob ndapostponer maelections because mira uone zvatirikuda kukuita munaMarch.


Problem Pharaoh

Gono should stop wasting our time blaming it all on cash barons. The problem is Pharaoh.


Mutezo defiant

ChiZanu chakaoma. How do you expect Munacho Mutezo to hand over the management of water and sewer to city councils knowing kuti ndipo pagraft rake? Ari kutoluma ipapa.


Bogus guerillas

There are no war vets in Zimbabwe anymore but mercenaries. War veterans worked for nothing but these ones demand money. So there are no war vets in Zimbabwe anymore.


Leave us alone

Leave David Whitehead Textiles alone you Zanu (PF) thieves. Tisiyei mhani. What free shares?


Wish list

May 2008 bring you the courage of Shaka, the victory of Zuma, not the guilt of Mbeki; the meekness of Mandela, the honour of de Klerk and the patience of a Zimbabwean.


Deport Butau

Butau case is funny. How one can run to his enemy for safety! Hokoyoi ikoko munopera. I guess he is a CIO operative planted by Zanu (PF) Pvt Ltd. Deport him.


God’s plan

Please can you just leave Zimbabwe alone? God knows what He has planned for this country. Remember everything has its time. Thank you.


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