Voters’ Roll

The Zanu (PF) regime is headed for collision with the
opposition yet once again over the controversial
voters' roll, which Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede
opens for inspection starting tomorrow ahead of the
March 29 combined presidential and general elections.

The main opposition, MDC has already dismissed the
voter registration process as “fraught with
irregularities, mainly deliberately created to give an
unfair advantage to President Robert Mugabe and his
party” at the polls.
Mudede told The Zimbabwean that by opening the voters’
roll for inspection he was declaring his confidence
it. “We have done the registration process
transparently and that is why we are confident with
the state of the voters’ roll to which we invite
Zimbabweans registered to vote to inspect,” he said.
“The process if inspections shall start on February 1
up to February 7.”
MDC (Tsvangirai) director of elections, Ian Makone
last week said that there were “millions” of ghost
voters on the roll, and raised it as one of the
factors compelling the opposition to continue
pressuring for constitutional as well as electoral
reforms, without which the possibility of the
opposition boycotting the polls is very likely.
Controversy characterized the voter registration
process conducted by Mudede’s department last year,
with allegations of deliberate denial of the chance to
register to many aspiring voters in perceived MDC
strongholds, whilst he exercise was more concentrated
in rural constituencies, believed to be strongholds of
the ruling party.
Mudede has failed to defend his voters’ roll in the
aftermath of previous elections controversially won by
Mugabe and Zanu (PF) when the MDC dragged him to court
and he was asked to produce data.
Zimbabwe goes to the polls on Mar 29 immersed in the
throes of a political quagmire that carries on its
back economic malaise caused by Mugabe’s mismanagement
and desire to cling onto power against all odds. But
the spotlight is on the conditions under which the
elections will be held and the voters’ roll has
already generated a lot of controversy.


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