More than forty families in Glen View plot one, are set be homeless as they have been given notice to vacate premises.

The families who have been living on this land for eight years will be homeless come May 2008. The plot which was owned by their employer was sold two years ago and the new owner wants to develop land for other business and residential purposes. The date for the lapse of the notice falls on May, the month in which CHRA and other progressive forces will be commemorating 3 years since Operation Murambatsvina in which over 700 000 families were left homeless. The CHRA information team talked to about 20 residents who gave the notice of eviction to the Association. If nothing is done to help us we will all be homeless, said one old man as he shed tears. The letter written by D.Munetsi investments asked the embattled residents to vacate the premises by the end of three months. The Association has been working with this group of residents to try and highlight their plight for shelter and basic social services. Last year CHRA sourced a donation of food, blankets and pots for the forty families. The Association has developed and a will be facilitating a program on Sustainable Dialogue for Community Development focusing on victims of Operation Murambatsvina in order to allow them to drive the process for their own development. It is hoped that this group will also have its own dialogue platform where it will drive its programs and invite various stakeholders of their choice who can assist them. The Association will explore legal routes to try and assist the residents of Glen View. The Association will also mobilize other stakeholders so that a practical solution is found before the lapse of the notice. A protest march is being organized as other solutions are being worked out. CHRA urges all stakeholders to respond to the plight of these residents. The Government cannot be expected to do anything as it has failed to assist people who were affected by Operation Murambatsvina          SHELTER IS A RIGHT LETS FIGHT FOR IT

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