Bulawayo Polytechnic Suspends Five Students

Bulawayo Polytechnic Suspends Five Students

In a move calculated to instill fear in students, Bulawayo Polytechnic College has suspended five students following a demonstration staged by ZINASU on 23rd of January 2007.

The Principal, Mr. T. P. Ndlovu has vowed to deal amply with all those who involved themselves in the demonstration. The suspended students are Melusi Hlambano, Food and Accommodation Secretary 2006, Tinashe Mhlanga, Bothwell Gwature, Brian Sibanda and Tinashe Chichera. These students are being accused of inciting other students to revolt against the administration due to poor education delivery system. It is alleged that more students, who are to date evading audience with the Principal, are on the suspension waiting list, and shall be issued with their suspension letters upon having audience with the Principal.
These students, after being issued with their suspension letters on 2nd of February 2008, were immediately escorted by the campus security out of the campus premises. They are stranded right now as some of them come from outside Bulawayo. They are yet to attend a hearing on this matter.
Meanwhile the Vice President, Emmanuel Mabuda is being threatened that if any ZINASU activity is carried out on campus without the knowledge of the administration and the police, he shall be suspended. ZINASU treasurer was also abducted and dumped in Nyamandlovu, 30 kilometers outside Bulawayo.


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