Local government elections

 - advice for residents


Chief Executive Officer, Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)

Zimbabwe will have harmonised elections on March 29. This mean that registered voters will have four choices to make. Amongst these choices, voters will choose the President, Senator, Member of Parliament and the Councilor of their choice. It is important for voters to know the boundaries of their wards, polling stations and the contesting candidates.


What is the role of the council?

Councils are responsible for the development and maintenance of the local area. Their decisions and actions affect every person living in the area. Councils must ensure that waste and refuse is collected, water and sewerage systems work, that residents have access to healthcare, construction and maintenance of roads and other infrastructure.

Why vote for councillors?

Voting is every citizen’s right and responsibility; to ensure that the council spends its budget on the needs of the community; so that they carry residents’ issues from particular wards for debate at council meetings, and it’s an opportunity for residents to influence local government policy through their representatives.

What makes a good councillor?

A person willing to serve the community; one who represents all the residents and not just his or her own supporters; a person who fully represents his or her ward at council meetings; a person who is accountable to the residents in a ward; a person who does not cause division along tribal or racist lines.

Remember that your vote is your secret and that every vote counts. Your vote is your right. Remember to take your identity particulars, and remember to participate peacefully before, during and after the elections.

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