Maize hoarded for vote buying

About 300 000 tonnes of maize believed to have been imported from Malawi, South Africa and other countries have been stockpiled by Zanu (PF) at GMB depots around the country for vote buying.

The party’s political commissar was this week preparing to launch the election campaign by President Robert Mugabe this weekend, which includes distributing all sorts of things to the electorate – maize, scotch carts, ox-drawn ploughs and fertilisers,  although the latter is no longer required at this late stage in the agricultural season.

It was difficult by the time of going to press to establish where Mugabe would hold his rallies but we established that GMB depots in most of Mashonaland had received directives to prepare to release maize stocks they have been hoarding.

Senior officials at the GMB depot in Harare confirmed to The Zimbabwean that close to 100 000 tonnes of maize were ready to be dispatched for Mugabe’s campaign. We also established that depots in Murehwa, Bindura, Chegutu and Marondera have been hoarding stocks.

“We have stocks of up to 20 000 tonnes and some of them have been coming through Mozambique. We have been given instructed to start preparing for dispatching the maize,” a GMB source at Murehwa depot said.  The Zimbabwean witnessed recently four haulage trucks coming from the Nyamapanda border off-loading maize at Murehwa depot, which official there said had been purchased by the government from Malawi.

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