Makoni – part of the plan?

Issue No. 06 

14- 20 February 2008

Makoni - part of the plan?

The entry of Simba Makoni into the presidential race has caused considerable excitement in some circles. Some people have hailed it as the beginning of the end of Mugabe's rule as disenchanted Zanu (PF) supporters are expected to flock to him.

We don’t think this going to happen.Zanu has a well-oiled patronage system and its only supporters are those who are benefiting from misrule and corruption and cannot afford to desert Mugabe.
Makoni’s jumping onto the presidential bandwagon at this stage, without the backing of a political party, without enunciating any policy for sorting out the mess, without even dissociating himself from zanu,raises many more questions than it answers.
Nobody knows what he stands for .All he says is that he is against the suffering of the people. But he has been part of the cause of that suffering for the past 28 years- Zanu (PF). And he says he still part of that !
For nearly three decades he has sat in the idiotic, soviet style politburo as it has presided over the systematic destruction of every aspect of life in Zimbabwe – condemning the country and its remaining inhabitants to tyranny , poverty , hunger , disease and international condemnation . Simply by being part of Zanu (PF) he has tacitly approved all this.
We are delighted that he now says he has feelings for those who are suffering. But what does he plan to do about it? He does not appear to have come up with any fresh ideas, nor has he enunciated any policy or manifesto by which he plans to stop the suffering . Or should the people vote for him because he feels sorry for us?
Zimbabweans need a change of direction . We need somebody with new ideas – not somebody who has been part of the problem. We need somebody who is thinking clearly about the way forward.
We don’t think Simba Makoni is such a man .There has been talk of generals supporting his candidacy . Why are they still quiet ? It would seem they are hesitating. Their indecision smacks of cowardice. If they support him they should come out and say so. Zimbabwe needs men of courage right now.
And finally Makoni is not known in the rural areas. Like others in opposition, he will find campaigning  in those areas impossible because of  Zanu intimidation and thuggery.
He will be forced to stick to the urban areas. The fact that he continues to insist that he is still part of Zanu (PF) gives credence to the suggestion that his candidacy is part of a grand Zanu campaign strategy to split the opposition vote and deliver a massive Mugabe victory.
Zimbabweans should know by now not to underestimate Mugabe’s ability as a politician and desperation to stay in power .

Word for Today:
Let the people sing for joy; let them shout from the mountaintops .Let them give glory to the Lord and proclaim his praise. The Lord will march out like a mighty man; like a warrior he will stir up his zeal; with a shout he will raise the battle cry and will triumph over his enemies. – Isaiah 42:11-13.

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