JOHANNESBURG:The main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai addressing media in Melville-Johannesburg said today said it was time for the former Finance Minister and Mugabe confidant who was fired in the p

Tsvangirai said he welcomed Simba Makoni in opposition politics but said Zimbabwean politics was about principles and ideologies and not personalities hence the contest would be on that premise.

“I am welcoming Dr Simba Makoni to the politics of opposition and its time for him to taste his poison which some of us have suffered from since the year 2000,” said Tsvangirai referring to the vote rigging and sponsored violence by Mugabe.

Tsvangirai also warned that because division was among ZANU PF there was a chance for Mugabe to be humiliated as these same divisions were also now prevalent in those who are responsible for the rigging machinery.

“The rigging machinery has also been divided and this will make this election critical,” added Tsvangirai.

The opposition leader also reiterated that this ZANU PF split did not have any negative consequences to the opposition party as it was strictly ZANU split.

“If is a split of ZANU PF and not ZANU PF -MDC split then MDC stands a huge chance to win in the coming elections if the environment has been leveled.

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