29 March Election: MDC's Time to Make Zanu PF History

The elections of 29 March 2008 have thrown the divided Zanu PF into unbridled chaos and confusion, presenting hard-pressed Zimbabweans with our only chance to reclaim our lost dignity and to realize our vision of a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning.

Zanu PF is in total chaos. The regime’s fat cats and party heavyweights have lost the primaries. In Manicaland, Masvingo, Harare and Mashonaland Central, the regime is in total chaos. Disgruntled party functionaries have filed nomination papers against candidates imposed by the Zanu PF’s Presidium headed by Robert Mugabe.Zanu PF heavyweights Samuel Mumbengegwi, Joseph Made, Shuvai Mahofa, Dzikamai Mavhaire and Stan Mudenge, dismally lost in party primaries but they have filed their papers after being imposed as party candidates, confirming that the regime is in total disarray in its last hours.The MDC has won uncontested in several wards throughout the country after Zanu PF failed to field candidates in those areas, including Mashonaland Central. So weak and confused is Zanu PF that it decided to field two candidates against President Tsvangirai. Zanu PF is represented by Robert Mugabe and Simba Makoni. Professor Mutambara, in his wisdom, has decided to buttress one of the Zanu PF camps against the MDC and President Tsvangirai.This election is between Zanu PF and the MDC, Zanu PF with two Presidential candidates against the MDC’s only candidate, President Tsvangirai. The people of Zimbabwe need to be vigilant. Zanu PF is taking people for a ride by trying to export their internal confusion to the whole nation. Zimbabweans have nothing to do with the dearth of internal party democracy within Zanu PF. That is a Zanu PF and not a national affair. Looking at the history of Zanu PF, anyone claiming to be loyal to it is simply claiming loyalty to the regime’s values of graft, violence, murder, plunder and mismanagement. Zimbabweans seek fundamental and genuine transformation, not cosmetic reform. This election is not just about change of faces. It is more about change of content and substance, change of direction in the way we transact our politics. In short, it is about giving birth to a new culture and a new beginning to make a new Zimbabwe possible. This election is about the track record in the struggle for food, jobs, dignity and freedom.Even though the electoral conditions are not perfect, Zimbabweans have a perfect opportunity to exploit the confusion within the regime to make a loud statement for a new Zimbabwe. In our view, the schisms and fissures in Zanu PF are divine and God-given. All Zimbabweans take this as a rare opportunity to archive the regime and all its surrogates. The MDC has a leadership that is alive to the people’s aspirations. The MDC has a leadership for change, a leadership for jobs, a leadership for food and affordable health care and education and transport. Ours is a team to deliver the birth of a new Zimbabwe. In our President, House of Assembly, Senatorial and local government candidates, we have a team ready to govern as shall be evidenced by the launch of our manifesto and policy programme document on Saturday in Mutare.

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