Amazing Experience in Byo.

Amazing Experience in Byo.

 BULAWAYO -  I just had to ask for permition to use a friends computer.

I could not wait to share my experience this afternoon in Bulawayo with you When I drove into Bulawayo this morning for Morgan Tsvangirai’s rally, I did not know what to expect After all Bulawayo was the stronghold of Welshman Ncube (so we were told). The people of Mthwakazi were uncompromising we were told. They were united. They would never accept the leadership of the bullfrog I got to the stadium at 11 am, 3 hours early. There was a frown on my burrow as I thought filthy Mthwakazist propaganda about Tsvangirai’s lack of support was coming true. Now I apologise for having doubted my President The stadium filled slowly but steadily, most people walking from Bulawayo’s Western surburbs. By 1300hrs 20 000 people were in the stadium, sitting in the stands and on the football ground. Various imbongi (praise singers) were keeping the crowd entertained with prose and poetry in praise of our revolutionary party and its heroic leaders. A Marimba band kept the crowd entertained with the instrumental version of the popular theme Tonga Zvako Morgan. Local party leaders, led by the Bulawayo Provincial leadership were whipping the crowd into a frenzy with slogans and chanting. Then at 1350 hrs, President Tsvangirai’s motorcade swept into the stadium to a defeaning roar. The sound of the ecstatic crowd vibrated so much that I felt a power drill was penetrating the ground beneath my feet. President Tsvangira walked around the perimeter of the ground acknowledging the crowd in the stands. Echoes of Guqula, Chinja filled the stadium. Then he went to the podium to take his seat. First to speak was National Youth Chairman Thamsanqa Mahlangu. Followed by the Vice President Mama Thokozani Khupe whose speech was well received. Then President Tsvangirai took the microphone with Bulawayo Province spokesman Felix Mafa providing Ndebele translation. At the same time dark storm clouds gathered in the sky, perhaps signifying the anger in ordinary Zimbabweans at the Mugabe authored ruin facing the country. President Tsvangirai narrated the history of the party since 1999, chronicling the party’s success in dividing ZANU-PF and cornering Mugabe in the face of brutality and repression. President Tsvangirai proudly recounted the party’s victory in overcoming attempts by a gang in the party led by Welshman Ncube to divide the party in 2005. At this moment there was a loud wail from the crowd. An old woman, probably in her 90’s made her way slowly to the stage, walking with the help of what looked like her grand daughter. She then got on to the podium and asked for the microphone. She said she wanted to address Nkosi Tsvangirai. The old lady then narrated that she was born in 1917 and was the great-grand daughter of Lotshe, one of Lobengula’s senior indunas. She said she had followed the rise of nationalist politics in Zimbabwe and had attended meetings addressed by among others Benjamin Burombo, Joshua Nkomo, Mike Hove, Stanlake Samkange, Dr Samuel Parirenyatwa, James Chikerema among others in the early days. She had also heard Robert Mugabe speak. But she said that none of these great politicians had convinced her and had a sense of destiny like Morgan Tsvangirai. She urged the entire Ndebele nation to rally behind Tsvangirai. She castigated people who claim to be acting on behalf of the Ndebele people even though they don’t have their consent. She was particularly scathing about Welshman Ncube who she called Mthakathi mkhulu (the big witch). She said she was determined that before she dies she must share this with the younger generation. She then departed the stage to wild cheers. Tsvangirai then resumed his speech. He spoke of a vision for the future, a future under a democratic dispensation. A future where communities are in charge of their own destiny. A future of prosperity and plenty. Then he wound up his speech with an appeal to people to mobilize for the party and go out in their millions to vote for the MDC. At this point, the dark storm clouds that had gathered began to scatter, allowing the sun to shine again. It was almost as if a supernatural event was taking place. Then it was time to go As President Tsvangirai and his entourage got into their cars, an army of traditional Ndebele warriors in traditional warrior dress stood in a guard of honour on either side of the motorcade. As the motorcade made its way out of the stadium, the Warriors raised their spears in salute and shouted Bayethe. The people of Matebeleland have definitely taken Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC into their hearts. They shamed the tribalists and anarchists. They demonstrated that indeed the people of Matebeleland share the same dreams and aspirations as the rest of Zimbabwe and will not be divided from the rest of the nation by self serving tribalist politicians Chinja!!!!!!!! Maitiro!!!!!!!

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