Elbow GreaseEmpowers Residents

Elbow Grease Empowers Residents


Residents in Mbare are taking matters into their own hands, by joining a campaign to clean up a block of flats that has suffered from uncollected refuse and broken sewerage.

More than 50 residents at Matapi flats are being helped by the Combined Harare Residents’ Association (CHRA), which provides protective clothing and tools.

Residents said the stench from the sewer and rat-infested refuse had been making life unbearable.
The clean-up campaigns are part of locally driven initiatives aimed at capacitating residents to respond to local challenges, said a spokesperson for CHRA.

Residents have also been receiving training from the Association to help them discuss the challenge of local governance challenges and map strategies to respond to the problems.

CHRA has produced a DVD on the Mbare clean-up campaign.

Economic benefits? Affordable fines

[pic caption – two pics]

This driver was stopped and arrested for doing 68km an hour in a 60km zone just outside a small town. He was given the choice of going to court the following day or paying an on-the-spot fine. The fine amounted to Z$40,000, about 30 South African cents or four US cents.

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