Election results may take a week

It could take up to a week to name winners from the March 29 elections, warns the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN).

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) said it would not commit itself to a date when it would announce results of the March 29 polls. It said this was for fear of Kenyan-style post-election violence in the event that delays in the voting led to a missed deadline.

“We do not want to be accused of rigging elections if we release the results earlier or later than the estimated dates…doing so might also spark post-election violence, similar to that experienced in Kenya,” said ZEC spokesman Shupikai Mashereni.

But the ZESN said the Commission did not have the logistical capacity to run the multiple elections and so could “take between four days and one week before they are announced,” said ZESN chairman Noel Kututwa.  

Opposition parties and election observers have in the past argued that delays in announcing poll winners allow time to tamper with results. – ZimOnline

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