Don’t waste it
On the 29th my vote will be very crucial in mapping a better tomorrow for my children, so I’m not going to waste it. I have this to ask to the good doctor in his capacity as presidential hopeful of my beloved Zimbabwe. If my memory serves me well the last census that took place you had an influential position with central statistics organization meaning to say you know to well about the figures countrywide, so here it is I will vote for you if only you explain convincingly the figures of Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe and Muzarabani if not so TSVANGIRAI. – ZENZO NZIRAMASANGA, KWEKWE

Dipping Mugabe
29 March kudhibhi chikwekwe, Cde Mugabe. – CHIBO

Start packing
Usuqalisile yinibo ukukhipha amafukufuku akho eState House? Asiniki 3 months notice. Gogo qalisa ukudobhadobha. Akuphele lokho. – NCUX D, BYO

Go now
Baba Chatunga Gushungo chisiyai office nemakororo enyu tanzwa nenzara. Let’s go and vote wisely. – B MUTERO, SA

ZBC Zanu
ZBC has become a Zanu (PF) radio and TV. Who would like to pay for a viewer or listeners licence? – ANON

Unite please
Morgan naSimba tapota please batanai tikunde sekuru Bob. We don’t need pride at this crucial moment in our history. Ndatenda hangu. – BRUNO

Simba warned
Makoni unyenyela ebonayo. Awuzuzi lutho kontuthu. Besiye kwejisa eWhite City njengoba utshwala sobudula. – DUDUZILE NCUBE, BYO

Unity of purpose
Makoni and Tsvangirai you have flexed your muscles and we can see you both have a lot of support. But what we need now is unity of purpose so that we dcfeat Mugabe. – MARIAN, GWERU

One candidate
Please Tsvangirai and Makoni can you urgently convene a meeting and decide who contests the election against Mugabe on March 29. We cannot afford two opposition candidates, we will lose. – NDUMURE YENGOZI

Step aside
Tsvangirai please step down for Makoni. When Makoni wins, then you will be the Prime Minister. Makoni will change the Constitution and have a power sharing deal. – ANON

Morgan forever
Makoni ndimafikizolo, he must step aside for Tsvangirai.
Morgan forever. – CHINJA, CHI-TOWN

Unity for victory
If only and if only Simba and Morgan had joined hands change would have been certain. – CIVIL SERVANT

Wake up
Hongu muchiShona vanoti zvimbwanana hazvisvunure musi umwe chete. Isu takasvinura kare tichavhotera MDC Tsvangirai. But I am afraid vamwe vachazosvinura time time. – ANON

This time
Morgan will certainly become king this time around. – FAFS

Viva Morgan
Supporting Makoni or MDC Mutambara is as good as supporting amendments to POSA, AIPPA, BSA and Zanu. Tsvangirai ndizvo. – SHEPHERD MOYO, HARARE

How come?
Makoni mu fake. Advert yake iri muSunday Mail. Sei MDC isingadiwi kuadvertiser imomo. Pane nyaya apa. – ADMIRE, KAROI

Why Kingstons?
Workers at State-owned Kingstons are getting Z106million as salary. Taneta manje kutaura. – ANON

Bob’s front
Lets give Morgan a chance. Simba may be RGM’s front and not serious. – KUPFERA MUZAYA, BYO

Viva Morgan
MDC Tsvangirai the only panacea to the present quagmire. Tshisa Mpama tshisa. – TAKABIKA, MARANGE

Held accountable
The two MDC factions are letting the people down by refusing to unite. How can they defeat Zanu (PF) if they are divided? If Zanu (PF) wins we will hold MDC responsible. – ANON

Resign please
It’s not that we hate Zanu (PF). It is our party that brought to us to liberation. But please we want a new leader from our party. Mugabe please resign. – ANON

Makoni is Zanu
Vanhu muchinzwa. Munoda kuti Makoni abvise hembe here otaura asina kupfeka kuti ndewe Zanu (PF) uye kuti haadi veMDC. Mose musaita kunge Mutambara. – ANON

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