MDC Denied Equal Access to the Public Media

MDC Denied Equal Access to the Public Media

25th March 2008 -

The public media has once again closed equal access to the opposition despite the SADC guidelines on the conduct of free and fair elections demanding that all parties should be granted equal access.

Both the Zimbabwe Newspapers and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation continue to be purveyors of the voice of the dictator. Their news items comprise Zanu PF campaign material while the MDC is granted scant negative coverage. Mugabe has become a permanent news item on the public media, which has been a launchpad of malicious verbal assaults against other Presidential candidates while the MDC has been blacked out of these two publicly funded media.

The ZBC and Zimpapers have become conveyor belts of Zanu PF propaganda in this election. Only yesterday, the MDC was granted 45 seconds coverage on the main news while over 40 minutes were granted to Zanu PF. The ZBC is flighting less than 10 percent of the political messages that we have booked with them on the pretext that all political parties should buy equal time even though Zanu PF has monopolised the main news coverage, thereby denying the people the right to make informed choices.

Equally, in the publicly owned print media, the MDC has been granted token advertising space while all news articles are pro-Zanu PF. This is an affront to the SADC guidelines on the conduct of free and fair elections to which Mugabe appended his signature in Mauritius in August 2004.

This is definitely not a free and fair election. The people’s voice has been gagged. The public media has become a willing appendage of the regime in a desperate attempt to annihilate the people’s sovereign will. The media can black out our voice but they cannot black out our imminent victory.

On Saturday, the people of Zimbabwe will reclaim their country and their dignity. They will vote for the change they can trust. Victory belongs to the people.

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“The bottom line is that we must rise and confront what is before us” President Morgan Tsvangirai

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