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From Sikhumbuzo Moyo in Kadoma 
JOURNALISTS attending a one-day election reporting workshop in Kadoma have unanimously resolved that the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe should urgently put its house in order and increase the number of journalists in the council board.

The resolution was made when about 30 community newspapers journalists and journalists from other media houses met for a one-day Election Day and Post Election reporting Zimbabwe Union of Journalists conducted workshop where it was noted with grave concern that the Voluntary Media Council was dysfunctional.

In fact, the journalists want three top members of ZUJ to become ex officio members of the council board in addition to the existing four members whose numbers should be increased.

The Voluntary Media Council only has four journalists in its board, six lawyers and a number of other individuals from other organisations that are not related to journalism fraternity.

The journalists said the dysfunctional nature of the council was more prominent in this crucial period of elections where the council failed to equip journalists with election coverage guidelines.

Almost one year after the establishment of the council, reads part of the resolution, there has been very little progress on the promotion of ethical and professional conduct of journalists in their interface with the public.

The journalists also said the absence of the council secretariat was having a detrimental effect on the smooth operation of the council and therefore resolved that the council should appoint an executive secretary and implement other structures as a matter of urgency.

It should review the composition of the board with a view to increasing journalistic representatives in line with its mandate and vision, reads another part of the resolution.

ZUJ must have three of its top office bearers including a woman representative in the board, it said.

The Voluntary Media Council was formed last year and is being chaired by Mr Muchadeyi Masunda.

ZUJ president, Matthew Takaona said the composition of the council board was a crying evil. He said it had more outsiders and very few journalists most of whom were not practicing.

If you look at the Law Society of Zimbabwe, it is an organisation that consists of only lawyers and no other people, but when it comes to the Voluntary Media Council, the lawyers and other people are involved at the expense of journalists, Takaona said.

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