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Coup foiled - We as patriotic soldiers of the Zimbabwe National Army refuse to obey silly instructions to subvert the will of the people in service of corrupt service chief. PATRIOTIC SOLDIER, KGVI

Bad interviewer – Happison Muchechetere tapota zvedu kana usingagoni kuinterviewer regedza. MAKWENZI, Mutare

Mugabe warned – Let me warn Mugabe and his henchmen that if he rigs the elections this time around, we will fight for our country. We are ready to go into the trenches. Kusiri kufa ndekupi? NDUMURE YANGOZI

Revenge March 29 – Nhai Gushungo kana muchiti manikidza kuuya kumusangano kwenyu zvinorevei Gushungo? Kuvharisa musika shuwa shuwa here? Tichasangana musi wa29. NM CHINJA

Morgan is more – Vote Mugabe and you sure are doomed. Vote for Tsvangirai and you have hope. CHIRIPANYANGA T

Vote change – Tsvangirai for change. BOB, Bulawayo

No hope – If Mugabe rigs the elections, we will just die. I for one will simply pack my bags and go. There would be no hope for us. MUNYA

Makoni Zanu – Makoni totally Zanu. Just go please Bob. MIC, Bulawayo

Viva Makoni – Makoni is the only man who can save this country. He has depth, is educated, a diplomatic and humble, just presidential material. You have my vote Dr Makoni. SHAME, Masvingo

Service thieves – Tsvangirai don’t worry about service thieves salute, for many uniformed forces salutes you. Mashefu just go with your master in peace, we won’t miss you. GUNNERS

More stations – 3,500 polling stations for Harare please. ANON

MDC agenda – The first MDC T-Shirt in 1999 was written ‘land to the people’ not to the politicians. ANON

Dead ‘n’ buried – Zanu (PF) is dead and buried. The so-called ‘heavyweights’ behind the scenes all know that. Beware Simba Makoni is a reincarnation of Zanu (PF). CEE JAY, Bulawayo

Good men – Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Makoni did nothing when Tsvangirai was fighting it alone. Welshman tried to oust Morgan instead of Mugabe. MORE

Don’t be used – Macivil servants, don’t allow these people to use you. Vote for change and nothing else. Their money lasts up to the 29th, ko thereafter? Toregera zvogara zvakadaro? TANETA

Super sub – Morgan ndizvo. Gushungo chifambai zvakanaka muende, moda kuomerapo sehonye inofira pamudzonga wenyama here? Kurai baba imi, Super sub one time. WINNER, Masvingo

Fight enemy – To voting people, please let us not the mistake which will cost our future. Let us unite and fight the enemy. SIMBA

Tall order – Expecting Zanu (PF) to organize democratic elections is like expecting a toddler to run before it can walk. CHIRANDU, Harare

More gain – More gain naMorgan musi wa29 March. BC



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