Citizens urged to defend themselves

HARARE - The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) has strongly condemned the Zimbabwe Republic Police's failure to protect suspected opposition supporters across the country who are being targeted and indiscriminately brutalized and tortured for allegedly voting for the MDC.

“We stress that the police should cease being partisan, and act professionally, refuse to be reduced to a party militia.  

“We deplore the militarization of the state by the Harare regime. Mugabe has lost elections and is holding on to power through the assistance of the army and the police. Thus we call on security forces to be on the side of the people. The will of the people should be respected,” said the NCA in a statement.

It implored all Zimbabweans to protect themselves from Zanu (PF) hooligans and militia.

“We urge Zimbabweans to organise themselves and form defence brigades to protect themselves against organised state brutality and detestable elements in our societies. Let the masses of Zimbabwe awaken to the fact that the government is at war with its people, thus the need to protect themselves.  Let there be back up squads in suburbs to protect citizens’ houses, property and human lives.”

The NCA is busy compiling names of alleged perpetrators who will ultimately be summoned to answer at an impartial judiciary system for these gross human rights violations. Anyone who might be having names and/or information leading to the identification of perpetrators of these atrocities can contact any of NCA offices across the country.

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