Cops impound SA satellite van

JOHANNESBURG - Detectives at the Law and Order section of the ZRP have refused to release the satellite van owned by Globecast, the South African company whose technicians were imprisoned for several days as part of Mugabe's media crackdown after it became apparent that he had lost the March 29 elections.

The two engineers have now been found not guilty and discharged. But, the multi-million Rand vehicle is still behind held at Harare Central.

Melanie Gibbs, chief operations officer for Globecast, told The Zimbabwean this week that the police are planning to charge Transmedia, a company wholly owned by the ministry of information in Zimbabwe, for contravening the Broadcasting Services Act by allowing the vehicle into the country.

“We have worked in Zimbabwe since 1997, transmitting cricket matches, government galas, and working with ZBC,” said Gibbs.

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