Military junta sets run – off date

Military junta sets run-off date

Fears of teachers’ strike


HARARE -Monday May 26, the working day set aside for Africa Day (25), has been set for the presidential election run-off, according to a senior military source.
He told The Zimbabwean on Sunday that it had been agreed at a secret meeting that the ZEC would delay the release of last month’s presidential election results – which was won by MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai – for another two weeks, possibly using the excuse of the three by-elections.
The well-oiled, vicious Zanu (PF) election machine has been extremely busy since it became obvious that Robert Mugabe lost.
The source gave details of a complex web of deception, coercion and violent intimidation to ensure that another electoral defeat for Mugabe in the presidential election run-off would not be remotely possible. The number of polling stations to be reduced in the cities to discourage a large turnout in MDC strongholds.
The CIO has a file on each MDC activist detailed to the level of the football club he or she supports together with family members details etc., revealed the source.
Such personalities are being identified right across the country with emphasis on the rural areas, and loyal Zanu cadres are to be assigned to deal with them.
The source also said Reserve Bank governor, Gideon Gono, would shortly release RBZ funds for cooperatives and other rural ventures to boost Mugabe’s popularity.
Each Headman is to receive Z$5 bln and each Chief Z$10 bln with instructions to gather villagers for at least two meetings to enlist support for in the runoff. This will be over the 21 day period. Then there will be 10 Star rallies, he said.
In addition, a directive has been issued that no school fee increases will be announced until after the elections which will be held after pay day.
During the 21 day period between now and the run-off, the winning Zanu candidates for the House of Assembly will hold victory parties and celebrations using funds provided by the RBZ to further coerce voters.
In an interesting development, showing some sensitivity to international condemnation of human rights violations by the security forces, the ZRP has been instructed not to provoke anyone in the cities and will only act as intelligence gatherers. This is to put a public shine on the force as agents of the government. They are presently visiting business in Bulawayo demanding to know why companies were closed during the general strike.
Police officers were given their election bonus of Z$0 million at the end of January, but have not been given their top up as promised after the elections.
The source said all police officers had been asked to state their allegiance to the ruling party as 4000 are required for civilian duties. Deployment started last week and they have been instructed to wear old civilian clothes, not to shave, not to carry ID and if possible, not to ear any shoes. They are to report to the senior army officials from the Military Junta commanding each province as listed in last week’s issue of The Zimbabwean on Sunday.
They have been told to focus more on the old, revealed the source.
He also said Zanu (PF) was terrified of any potential strike action by teachers, as the military junta would like to use them as pawns to garner support for Mugabe in the rural areas, where they are still highly respected by the communities. In order to prevent any strike action, the secret meeting decided that an announcement should be made giving teachers a pay increase – but this would not be implemented once the election had taken place.

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