Mugabe: the laughing stock of Zimbabwe


EDITOR - Zanu (PF), the party headed by the ruthless nationalist leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe, lost the election to the formidable MDC leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai on 29 March. It seems as if Mugabe cannot accept Tsvangirai as the leader of Zimbabwe and is now busy scheming strategies for an election run-off.

On the other hand, the party heavyweights are calling for a recount of the votes, which they had already tampered with to suit their objectives for a run-off.

Mugabe will stop at nothing to secure a win, so he is trying by all means to discredit Tsvangirai just to save his own face.

Mugabe failed everyone, including his own sons. The economy is now a shambles. Industries are operating below minimum capacity. The education sector has totally collapsed, such that the pass rate for the past year was below 30 per cent. The death rate is now at its maximum due to lack of skills to cure widespread ills. People are being forced to take exams that are unacceptable in other countries, while the sons and daughters of Zanu (PF) people attend schools and universities in Australia and other first world countries.

Right now, war vets are busy invading farms in the Masvingo province. Mugabe is trying to buy or steal the people’s votes. Africa at large is now against Mugabe and his autocratic leadership. People in rural Zimbabwe are now born-again MDC supporters. Opposition Zanu (PF) is now intimidating rural people just to force for a vote in the event of an election re-run.

My message to Zimbabweans is that Mugabe and Zanu (PF) are now history. We are now in a new Zimbabwe headed by President Morgan Tsvangirai.


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