PR-ACDP says Mbeki should be in Zimbabwe mediating a peaceful settlement.

ACDP says Mbeki should be inZimbabwe mediating a peaceful settlement.

ACDP Leader, Rev Kenneth Meshoe, M.P.  says the ACDP is extremely worried about the explosive political situation in Zimbabwe that has given rise to fears of violence and bloodshed. The ACDP supports calls from all those who say the international community must intervene to prevent bloodshed.

As we believe that prevention is better than cure and also believe that every life is precious, the ACDP believes calls are justifiable for the African Union and the United Nations  to intervene in order to prevent bloodshed.

We disagree with President Mbeki who says the international community should wait and see’ while the so-called war veterans march through the streets of Harare intimidating people and saying that they will defend the country’s sovereignty against an opposition take-over.

Rather than be in England, President Mbeki should be doing what the former President of Mocambique, Joaquin Chissano has done by going to Zimbabwe to mediate, so a peaceful settlement can be found.

President Mbeki must urge the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to release the election results immediately and caution the so-called war vets who are treating members of the opposition parties as though they are the enemies of Zimbabwe.

Before he talks about a re-run, President Mbeki must call for the election results to be announced.  If a re-run does take place, the SADC Observer Mission and the international monitors must be allowed to observe the entire re-run and refrain from saying the elections are credible before the election process is concluded.


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